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Your Mind and Body Connection is The Key to Your Success

By December 1st, 2021No Comments

The interaction between the mind and the body is so pervasive, it’s difficult to say which one is influencing which. If it’s all connected, then it’s all important.

Healthy In Body

When you are generous to your body, you nourish your body with physical activity, good foods, water, and sleep, so that you have plenty of energy to meet life’s daily challenges. In this blog and partner podcast we discuss the importance of physical methods designed to improve your body. Stacey Redfield, owner of Physical Methods, joins us on the podcast to highlight some very important reasons why you must pay attention to your body, especially as you age.

If you’re not doing what you know you should be doing, it’s not because you’re lazy, selfish, or weak. It is because you need to work on your willpower. It’s because you have to think about exercising. And if you have to think about, you can only do it for so long before something comes up. You forget, you’re too busy, too stressed out, and 6 months later you’re saying, “Oh, yeah. I need to exercise every day.”

The real problem is that it’s not a habit. When something is a habit, you don’t have to think about it. You just do it. You don’t talk yourself out of brushing your teeth. You don’t forget to have your morning cup of coffee. Those things happen automatically and unconsciously because they’re habits. You can achieve that same response with any desired thought, feeling, or behavior.

Listen in on the podcast as Stacey gives us tips on how to make that mind body connection and improve your well-being so you can Master Your Story.

Master Your Story Podcast Guest: Stacey Redfield, Owner of Physical Methods

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