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Veteran’s Resource Network

“Having Kim come to our strategy forum was the best decision we made this year. She brought our story to life at a time when we needed to pull out of a crisis. Her training and speaking package coupled with her outstanding public relations talent, saved our brand and turned a problem event into a successful opportunity. We really are grateful.”

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National Family Mediation

“Kim’s level of understanding and assessment of what we needed to do to tell our story was awesome. In addition to teaching us a great process she listened to us, all of us. She worked with us to craft a story that not only increased sales, but also increased our company’s prestige in the market space.”

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Lehigh University

“Kim speaks to our technology entrepreneurs masters class yearly. We enjoy how she mixes her vast worldly experiences with her process, while she engineers a story that helps our students understand how to prepare their story and how to communicate it.”

Robert Frostman
Chief Strategist at RF Consulting Eastern

“Kim is an outstanding person. She is caring, intelligent, and deeply trustworthy. I have worked with many communication professionals over the years. Kim is my top recommendation for a communicator. More than just being magnificent in her chosen career path, Kim succeeds in life. Her mission-focused life brings joy and a positive outlook to everyone she meets. She helped me set my path to success. She devoted a lot of extra time helping me obtain a great outlook which lead to a very senior level promotion. She’s a coach. She’s a mentor. She’s inspiring. If you have the chance to work with her, do it. If you’re thinking of hiring her or her highly sought after PR firm, do it. I highly recommend Kim.”

Lance Abrims
Veteran Services | Author | Speaker

“When I work with a colleague, above all else, what makes the experience productive is our ability to come together as a team. Whether a team of two, or the two of us on a larger team, Kim Plyler has been the quintessential professional who can lead, follow, collaborate, create, and critique, and do so with respect for all other ideas and concepts – now that is a team member!

Kim is a communication powerhouse from all angles. Internal to external, planned to crisis, big biz to small shop, human to technology, Kim can pull together the smartest solution at the right time and on time. If she promises a deliverable, you can count on getting it. When she promises results, expect a little more than promised. And, an amazing trait is her willingness to admit, “I don’t know!” and follow it up with, “I’ll find out!” No B.S. and that is refreshing.

No, she doesn’t walk on water and I’ve not witnessed her turn water to wine, but as a communication pro, she is all that and more. I make no hesitation in recommending Kim Plyler. She continues to be my primary communications and PR go-to pro and you’ll find her just as irreplaceable and valuable.”