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Why Human Interaction is Vital in a Growing AI World

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining in popularity and is taking mainstream communications by storm. Just as the industrial revolution changed lives the AI revolution is here.

Claire de Mezerville Lopez with IIRP Graduate School

Claire de Mezerville Lopez with IIRP Graduate School

Now in a time when we’ve experience isolation on a global scale and computers, phones and streaming have become household terms, what happens next? Honestly no one can truly predict the future, however we can discuss how humans can learn to grow with each other and AI. It really gives rise to human interactions and need for humans to feel connected. We are social creatures and need Human Interaction in order to thrive.

This week I had the pleasure to speak with Claire de Mezerveille Lopez from the International Institute of Restorative Practices. Restorative practices are a great way to foster positive human interaction within a community. They help individuals to connect with each other, build empathy, and develop understanding. Restorative practices create an environment where people can come together and learn how to resolve conflicts peacefully, improve communication skills, and overall strengthen relationships. By engaging in restorative practices, we can show compassion, foster understanding, and develop a better sense of community. Human connection is essential to our wellbeing, and restorative practices are an important tool for bringing us together and providing safe and brave spaces for people to engage in meaningful dialogue, be heard, and learn from each other.

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