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Veteran Law Issues and Help

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Berry Law Firm represents both military and civilian Americans, specializing in Veteran’s Law and assisting United States veterans. The firm’s strong warrior ethos and dedication to defending individual constitutional rights are borne of decades of battlefield experience, both overseas and in the courtroom. Founded by John Stevens Berry, Sr. in 1965, Berry Law Firm is proud to support all the brave and selfless individuals who have served or are currently serving in the US military. Not only is Berry Law Firm a sponsor for the 6th Annual Big Red Challenge (a 7K obstacle course designed to push limits and build a supportive community for Veterans), but also hosts a Military Family Scholarship.

The firm’s attorneys and staff feature Veterans and Reservists from each of the four branches of the Department of Defense.

Rory Berry, Chief Operating Officer. Commissioned United States Navy 2003. John S. Berry, Trial Attorney. Commissioned United States Army 1997. John Stevens Berry Sr., Trial Attorney. Commissioned United States Army 1960. Andrew Strotman, Trial Attorney. Commissioned United States Marine Corps 1980.

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