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Master Your Story

Three Ways to Turn Your “Oh, No Way” Impulse Into “Yes, I Can!”

By March 10th, 2023No Comments

This week we walk through one of the course overviews for our Master Your Story process. This is one of my favorite sessions as it really helps you see just how much your words limit your mind. How many times have looked to someone and asked a question, only to hear their response “Oh, no way!”? Now how many times have you responded that way? More importantly how many times have you said that to yourself? “Oh No Way” I can not run a 5K race or “Oh No Way” I can’t possibly go ask for a raise. We’ve all been there. So here are three ways to turn it all around.

First start by being passionate about learning. Why do you respond with “No Way”? Why is it somethings seem easier to push off some things rather than others? Take time to get passionate about learning about you. You’ll be amazed how quickly you stop yourself from immediately dismissing a friends idea or how quickly you’ll start to learn to trust your inner thoughts.

Second, learn about other cultures. As we mentioned in our session on perceptions, understanding why a person asks things can give you insight into their perspective. This insight opens your mind and allows the “Oh No Ways” to fade.

Third, Keep a journal and write down every time you hear or feel yourself say “Oh, No Way” Then take time to review your journal and seek out ways to turn the no into a positive move forward.

Tune into the podcast today and pick up on a few other ways to get rid of the “Oh, No Way” syndrome. Caution: there will be times when saying no is perfectly fine and sometimes required.

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