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Three Questions To Digital Freedom

By November 28th, 2021No Comments

Do you find yourself sleeping with your phone?  When you wake up do you grab your phone before your feet hit the floor? Do you find yourself sneaking out of the office with the “smokers” crowd just to check in on your social media?  Do you bring your phone to the dinner table? Do you go to sleep with your phone on and scrolling through videos or posts?

If you answered yes to two or more of theses questions, then this post is for you.  Now lets get to the the questions that need your focus.

  1. Do you want to be in a health happy relationship?
  2. Do you want to sleep better?
  3. Do you want your body to be in its optimal shape?

Too much technology and all the constant digital distractions are effecting our mind and our body. In his latest book “Digital Minimalist”, Cal Newport says, “Our current relationship with the technologies of our hyper-connected world is unsustainable and is leading us closer to the quiet desperation that Thoreau observed so many years ago. But as Thoreau reminds us, ‘the sun rose clear’ and we still have the ability to change this state of affairs.

To do so, however, we cannot passively allow the wild tangle of tools, entertainments, and distractions provided by the internet age to dictate how we spend our time or how we feel. We must indeed take steps to extract the good from these technologies while sidestepping what’s bad. We require a philosophy that puts our aspirations and values once again in charge of our daily experience, all the while dethroning primal whims and the business models of Silicon Valley from their current dominance of this role; a philosophy that accepts new technologies, but not if the price is the dehumanization Andrew Sullivan warned us about; a philosophy that prioritizes long-term meaning over short-term satisfaction. A philosophy, in other words, like digital minimalism.”

Finding a balance can be a challenge especially if you work in a field that requires constant connection. If you are ready to become a “digital minimalist” grab a copy of Cal Newport’s book and reach out to us at We help people and companies develop the right balance of communication online and offline. We look forward to helping you.

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