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The Top Three Qualities for Trusted Non-Profit Organizations

By March 10th, 2023No Comments

If you are a supporter of non-profits, these top three qualities are ones that should be clearly evident in non-profits. First A True Understanding of The Mission: It’s key that the non-profit team, and all of its people involved understand exactly what they are trying to accomplish. Getting clear on exactly what it is you are trying to accomplish is how you keep going forward towards that ultimate ambition.The Lawrence Brothers

Second, Being Wholly Transparent: It’s really important to be transparent as a nonprofit. When you are an organization that is transparent with your donors, potential donors, your audience you build trust.

Being able to keep their core mission top of mind, develop trust with all of their audiences enables a non-profit to deliver on their third top quality, Serving Their Community with Pride.

In this week’s podcast I had the opportunity to speak with Kevin and Doug Lawrence, the founders of We Believe In Your Child Too, a non-profit out of Newport News, Virginia that embodies all of these top three qualities and so much more. Their mission is to improve their communities by investing in young adults seeking higher education by providing them with scholarships. They have exciting news to share about an up coming event. Tune in and learn how this non-profit really gives back to the community and improves the lives of so many people.

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