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The Memoir Revolution with Jerry Waxler

By December 1st, 2021No Comments

This week I had the pleasure to interview Jerry Waxler. He’s the guru of memoir writing. If you ever get the chance to work with him, take it. Master Your Story is all about finding your story. When I found Jerry, I knew he was perfect match for our show. Jerry believes you should “Become the Author of Your Life.” He goes on to explain that typically, we store our past in haphazard collection, allowing us to see disconnected fragments. This heap of memories can’t provide wisdom, or lessons, and certainly can’t provide a road map to the future.By creatively finding your Story, you develop a pathway from the painful parts, through courage and trials, to the more satisfying parts. Like all good stories, your memoir ends at a higher point than when it started.

During the interview I asked Jerry how he manages to break through writer’s block. He believes like all obstacles that stand in your way you must overcome them. Tune in to the show and listen to his advice on how to overcome not only writers block but many of the personal things you come across in life that stop you.

To share your story, you must overcome obstacles that stand in your way. Without a boss telling you to sit and write, tap into your own deep well of creativity, overcome self-doubts, resolve conflicting priorities, and find your voice. Read How to Become a Heroic Writer to learn techniques to travel this heroic journey.

We all need to join the Memoir Revolution, overcome the blank page, and master our story. I hope you enjoy listening to Jerry. I enjoyed the conversation.

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