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Master Your Story

The Importance of Taking Words in Context

By June 12th, 2023No Comments

Stories are a powerful way to communicate information, share experiences, and impart wisdom. But much of the meaning in storytelling comes not just from the stories we tell, but the way in which we tell them.

Bathsheba Monk

Bathsheba Monk

In a world filled with misinformation, propaganda, and firmly entrenched political divides, a shared story can offer so much more than just entertainment.

Storytellers have a unique opportunity to not only share a story or experience, but actually influence how words are used and what they mean. And at a time where arguments and debates often fall on deaf ears, sometimes a story is the only thing people will listen to.

This week I spoke with Bathsheba Monk, CEO and publisher at Blue Heron Book Works, an independent small publisher that specializes in memoirs and series fiction. A nationally-known novelist and Army veteran, Bathsheba has a wealth of knowledge not just on how to publish a book, but how to share your story in a way that’s healing and empowering for both yourself and others. Blue Heron’s motto is, “You are the story you tell about yourself.” It’s a mantra Bathsheba had taken to heart. In this episode, Bathsheba and I talk about the importance of choosing your words with care, why sharing your story can inspire others to share theirs, and how the only thing we can do to fix society is fix ourselves.

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