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The Importance of Accepting What Is and Internal Growth

By November 28th, 2021No Comments

This past year I’ve done an amazing amount of accepting things that I had no control over. This blog focuses on elements brought to life in our Podcast “Master Your Story and Learn How to Tell It” episode two which features an very personal and deep interview with Author, Speaker, Educator and Coach, Lance Abrims. As Lance mentions in his interview, learning about who you are is critical to being able to stand in front of others and speak your truth. This interview with Lance helps you understand that your past does not determine your future.

Change Your Mindset

Some of Lance’s key points include putting your life on paper can be therapy, if you write it down and then read it back. It is a key to helping you become a better writer. Embrace who you are, because even if parts of your story are sad or unfortunate, it helps you get connected with your audience. Remember to leave room in your story for others. You can use your story to transform lives based on your experiences. Leave room for the story to embrace your reader.

Lance also speaks on what to do when you’re standing up to speak your story. Take a moment to learn that the audience loves you and you can return that love through authenticity and truth. I remember the first time I stood up to speak in from of 3,000 people at a conference in New Orleans, just after they recovered from hurricane Katrina. The shear force of energy coming from the crowd is a feeling of love I will never for get. I hope this podcast helps you and gives you some insight.

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