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The Changing World of Social Media

By November 30th, 2021No Comments

We are beginning to enter a time of change in regards to media and how we consume information. While many people think that we are stuck in the time of social media, I believe that we are actually entering a new realm of the social media world – one where transparency and popularity govern what is said and what is being pushed out to large audiences.

Mainstream social mediums, such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram will always appeal to a large group of people, but how will our discussions on social media sites change? We are seeing glimpses of this shift already with major blogging websites that make sharing ideas, articles, and information incredibly easy, taking away from traditional blogs or traditional media. Blogging sites like Medium or Steemit allow for the most popular articles to be pushed to the top of the page, or even to make money for individual bloggers – this is change.

The key to this social media shift, if you will, is finding how consumers and companies can use social media to their benefit. What social mediums will work for your particular business? Maybe Twitter, in Elon Musk’s case. Maybe Instagram, or Medium for more traditional blog posts or pictures, but also maybe Telegram, or Reddit for an incredibly transparent approach to the business. This is the path that must be studied because the times of every business going to Facebook are passing. People are starting to find the most efficient ways of talking to their communities, leaving behind aspects of social media that have been created in this era of Zuckerberg.

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