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Stuffed Puffs CEO Shares His Sweet Success

By December 1st, 2021No Comments

Taking the country by storm, the new sweet treat, Stuffed Puffs is all the rave for Smores enthusiasts. In the driver’s seat for all this sweet success is Mike Tierney, CEO. His engaging leadership skills truly motivate everyone he comes into contact with. He infuses his outstanding talents into the company’s mission and has successfully launched a multi-million dollar
business here in the Lehigh Valley.

His company, Stuffed Puffs, Inc, is currently bringing jobs into the community. He is also attracting more talent from around the world to be part of his team in the Lehigh Valley.

Nothing says success more than having an economic impact, being an energizing leader and improving a community through jobs. Michael has done all that and more. His impact on the community of Southside Bethlehem has helped students at the Charter High School for Performing Arts experience business and meet a national celebrity. Tune into our podcast today and listen to how he put this all together and all while being part of the 30 and under generation.

Master Your Story Podcast Guest: Mike Tierney

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