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Positive Mindset Leads to a Positive Life

By December 1st, 2021No Comments

Join me today as I speak with my #Swimbuddy David Cook. David and I are going through Brian Johnson’s Optimize Coach Training Certificate Program. I met David through this program and we’ve been working on our training for almost a year now. As graduation approaches (Dec 5-9) we took a moment to discuss the program and the power that is in all of us. Its the power of a positive mindset.

In the program we reviewed hundreds of positive psychology and self help books. One that sticks out is “MindSet” by Carol Dweck, Ph.D. Dweck is a Stanford Professor and one of the world’s leading authorities on the science of motivation. She tells us that our “mindset”—how we see the world—determines a *huge* part of our overall happiness and well-being and achievement. In this podcast David and I explore the importance of a growth mindset compared to a fixed mindset. We hope you will see the difference and make the switch.

The Optimize Coach program offers a lot of educational opportunities. Having access to other people from all around the world and to be going through this program with them has been amazing. If you get a chance check out Brian Johnson’s site. Over 10 years ago I got connected to Brian’s program called “Philosopher’s Notes” and I’ve been studying with him ever since. Keep you ears and eyes out for more about the Optimize Coach program. I will be in Los Angeles soon and can’t wait to meet all the other Optimize coaches. Until then I hope you’ll enjoy today’s show and my dear #SwimBuddy David Cook.

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