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Passion Perseverance Purpose Give you Grit

By November 29th, 2021No Comments

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Brian Johnson’s Optimize program. Graduation is coming in December and I’m so excited to head to Los Angeles for the event. During this year of in-depth deep study, I’ve learned about my “Grit”. It is that tough way to combine your passion perseverance and life purpose to realize your inner you. To share who you are, what you believe in all in service for others. During this past year of Optimize I’ve read hundreds of books, and one of my top 10 is “Grit”

Angela Duckworth created the science of Grit. It’s fascinating. She defines it as intense passion + intense perseverance. In short, you’re REALLY fired up about something and you’re willing to show up every day for however long it takes to make your dream a reality. In this week’s podcast we step through the process. I hope you can tune in and get your Grit Going. Check out for more on how we can help you find and polish your Grit to find your pearl.

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