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Mental Health Issues on the Rise During Pandemic

By December 1st, 2021No Comments

The coronavirus has so many thinking about their physical health, but doctors say you cannot forget about your mental health.

“What we know about coronavirus is that it increases the risk factors associated with mental illness and substance abuse or for those who already suffer from those conditions it decreases their ability to cope,” says Liz Younger LCSW.

Times are tough and mental health professionals say you don’t have to be. There are plenty of people standing by ready to help. In just the past week counselors have seen an influx in the number of patients at the severe level. While it’s too early to have actual data on the coronavirus impacts on mental health just yet, the health system says it’s critical we be aware. So thats why Master Your Story reached out to speak with Liz. One of the area’s most sought after life advocates, Liz Younger is a licensed clinical social worker who uses a strength-based approach to empower individuals by making them part of their own solution.Take a moment and join in on the conversation.

Master Your Story Podcast Guest: Liz Younger

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