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Master Your Story

Making Business Value and Enhancing Community

By December 1st, 2021No Comments

Join us in today’s podcast episode 135 where we discuss the importance of “value” in business and how that translates to community. My guest today is Richard Thompson, CEO of Factory LLC in south Bethlehem, PA.

Richard helped create over $3 billion in enterprise value as CEO of American Italian Pasta Company, The Meow Mix Company and Freshpet. He has deep operational experience across multiple disciplines, having helped build each of these organizations, including marketing and sales, manufacturing, supply chain and distribution, and innovation infrastructure, and he has supervised the design and construction of 7 manufacturing facilities. With CPG start-ups, one home run can be a lifetime achievement. Rich has helped achieve three of them and he’s on his fourth.

Listen in to his story.

Master Your Story Podcast Guest: Richard Thompson

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