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Is Your Internal Narrative Empowering You?

By November 28th, 2021No Comments
Magazine Cover: Masterpiece Days, Is Your Internal Narrative Empowering You?

What footprints will you leave on this earth? Our internal narrative is the key to us living our life’s purpose and providing good service to others. But how do we know if our narrative is working for us or is it just supplying us with opportunities to repeat past mistakes? After all, our own worst enemy is the one that lives in our head, crafting that dialogue. Our superhero also resides there with our worst enemy and the battle is fought in a moment-to-moment discussion. A few years ago I developed my personal process to get connected to my internal dialogue. Today, Volume Two of Masterpiece Days is available and focuses on your internal narrative. You’ll learn how you can get in touch with your internal dialogue, identify your superhero, and replace self destructive thinking to empower your outcomes.

What is Narrative? The stories we tell ourselves, the stories we are targeted to from others, the stories we trust whether we have considered truly why we trust them. In this day in history there are a lot of things going on that involve narratives. Are you investigating your own narrative at this moment? Is your mind saying “Do I have time for this?,” “Wow this is real?” or “Wow I’ve been saying what?!” Today there are serious things happening with narratives. We all need to be responsible for identifying why we say and think what we do. Grab your copy right here

Your self narrative is one of the most influential agents for positive change in your life! We hope that these Masterpiece Days magazines help you to positively define your personal narrative and make a commitment to enacting more joy into your day, allowing you to grow in strength so you may be of service to yourself and your community.

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