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How to Unstick a Writer who is Stuck!

By March 10th, 2023No Comments

Finding the motivation to write for extended periods of time can be tough. Even then, there may be negative emotional hurdles associated with writing.

Bathsheba Monk Blue Heron Book Works

You might feel anxious, for example, which can lead to procrastination and poor time-management. The first step to overcoming such challenges is emotional awareness—recognizing the negative feelings you have toward writing.

While merely acknowledging those feelings may help, from there you can also investigate why you have those emotions, and then proceed to address their causes. Perhaps you feel anxious about a writing task because it appears large, intimidating, and intractable. This would help to explain any procrastination: we naturally try to avoid scary tasks. However, this emotional awareness presents an opportunity to address the problem. Things may not seem so daunting
if you divide that big, intimidating goal into smaller, more manageable pieces. Those smaller goals should accord with what you can reasonably expect to accomplish in a given time frame.

Another method that would work is to hire a writing coach. In this week’s episode of Master Your Story podcast we hear from Bathsheba Monk who is one of the most sought after writing coaches. Tune in to hear her advice and to learn about some of the processes she uses to get writers motivated and keep them on track. Bathsheba Monk is a novelist, art writer, and founder and publisher of Blue Heron Book Works, a Veteran and woman owned business based in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Her mission is to develop and provide a megaphone for those voices lost in the din of relentless capitalism.

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