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Master Your Story

How to Amplify an Artist Story

By December 1st, 2021No Comments

Master Your Story uses this platform to make sure everyone’s story can be heard. You’ll hear from people all around the world whose stories make a difference. Each guest is involved in key social responsibility areas and work is actively engaged in improving their world. We all have stories — and through them, we can improve humanity. Listen and learn to Master Your Story! This week our host Kim I Plyler speaks with artist Jason Moss and his publicist Beth White from SahlComm. Tune in and join us as we uncover the excting world of attending Hollywood premiers, crafting a new clothing line, creating expressive piece of art that gives back to the community and how all of that is communicated to the world.

Featured Guest Jason Moss is an emergent multifaceted artist and philosopher from Pottstown, Pennsylvania; currently residing in Berks County. He is the founder of the Jason Moss Experience, Co-founder of the Reading Artist’s Collective, published author of “That Damn Cookbook”, host of “That Damn Cooking Show”, as well as creator of The Indigo Experience. He is a painter, sculptor, and wearable art designer. He is successfully and continuously a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, as well as a dedicated father of 5. Jason’s philosophy is simple; art is nourishment for the consciousness of the soul. Art is about passion, spiritual and personal growth, and seeing beauty in the chaos of everyday life. With passion, intensity, and empathy; not needing more than what is needed, just enough; Moss approaches his art like he does his life. 
Letting the vibrant colors and textures direct and inspire to convey the brutal emotion of the subject matter, he intuitively translates the relationship between the artist and the medium. His art is transformative. Jason shares his own experiences with addiction and mental illness, through failure and redemption by exploring brutally honest bold colors and vibrant erotic textures. He exposes the brilliant lights and the darkest truths and allows each piece to complete its evolutionary journey to fulfillment. 
Each layered and textured piece is an explorative visual and emotional detox. Through utilizing repurposed and deconstructed materials for paintings, sculptures, and wearable art, he is metaphorically repurposing trauma and growth into a visual journey of healing.

Jason has an amazing story and his Publicist Beth Berdofe White from Sahl Communications, Inc joins us to share just how you get such a great story heard. Jason can be found at Arete Gallery in New Hope, PA and does several pop up art shows in New York, NY.

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