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Master Your Story

Getting Past Your Fear to Live Your Story

By November 28th, 2021No Comments

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it – Nelson Mandela

In this week’s Master Your Story podcast we speak with Megan Crume. Megan has overcome many fearful struggles in her life and is now an entrepreneur who owns her own mobile ice-cream business. Join us as we discuss how Megan faced those fears applied proven processes and became successful.

Fear can be a roadblock to finding your story. In chapter 13 of Master Your Story, It Matters, we take an in-depth look into ways to over come your fears. What you can accomplish in life, what you are capable of, depends on your ability to overcome fear. In the book we look into the following process to overcome fear:

Phase One: Acceptance. Take the time to really accept the fact that fear is always going to be there. It won’t go away.

Phase Two: Feel the fear. Most people think if they ignore the feelings it will go away. It doesn’t. It merely sinks deeper into you and the next time it comes up again its harder to face.

Phase Three: Identify it and turn it into courage. Look at your life. You’re day-to-day activities. How and when do you feel fear? Use those smaller times to turn the fear into courage.

Phase Four: Face it and move through it. The next time you have a fear sneak up, imagine yourself turning around, standing strong in your self and facing that scary thing head on. Practice in your thoughts. Imagine your self facing it.

Phase Five: Practice, practice, and more practice. Through practice things seem less dramatic and easier to handle. Give it a try.

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