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Getting Back to Business Legal Tips from Thomas E. Reilly

By December 1st, 2021No Comments

Is your company ready to be back in the workplace? Are you deciding between letting your employees work from home? Perhaps your business is looking at a hybrid between home offices and time in the office. Just what are the rules? What are the legal ramifications for businesses? Can employers mandate vaccinations?

Let’s face it is a confusing time for employers and employees. Join us on today’s Master Your Story Podcast as we ask those questions to Thomas E. Reilly of Gross McGinley LLP. Thomas E. Reilly, Jr. is a senior partner at Gross McGinley. He is the Chair of the firm’s Business Services Group. Tom focuses his practice in the areas of business, banking, and commercial law. His strong background in accounting, business management, and communications affords him the opportunity to work with a range of business clients throughout the United States, from small entrepreneurial companies to large, national corporations.

The cornerstone of Tom’s practice is built on the long-term representation of clients in the most efficient, effective, diligent, and cost-effective manner. He has represented the majority of his clients for more than 30 years.

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