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Counterpoint Your Message and Build on Familiar Ground

By December 1st, 2021No Comments

Each of us has a unique story. The keys to a successful story, campaign, or speech comes from the authenticity of its author. In this week’s podcast we discover key elements to making a story resonate with the audience. Our guest is John Rowley, CEO Counterpoint Messaging, a crisis and political communications consulting firm based in Nashville, Tennessee. Rowley has worked in radio as a public affairs director, disc jockey and reporter. He’s developed more than 400 political campaigns and has been a political correspondent on FOX, CNBC, CNN and other “talking Head” news networks.

John Rowley, CEO Counterpoint Messaging

In our interview Rowley discusses the importance of working with the candidates authentic elements. Its critical because, by some estimates, you only have seven seconds to make a first impression. Your story and its graphical branding are the frontline introduction to the effort. The branding should convey trustworthiness and be easy to understand. That first view of your story’s brand will illustrate what the author represents. It needs to convey authenticity which then builds trust. If it doesn’t you will lose before you even start.

Listen as Rowley shares first hand experience of being on air, coaching a political candidate, and what to do when facing a crisis.

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