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Master Your Story

Communication is Key to Comprehension

By November 29th, 2021No Comments

“Communication is key” Absolutely, to achieve comprehension in business and in today’s world it has much to do with how the message is delivered. In today’s technology we are facing multiple arenas of how our audiences communicate and connect to us. Visual messaging, auditory messaging, Mime messaging, experiential 3D messaging worlds, communication is quickly becoming a once removed from face to face experience. Our audiences may never meet us in person which requires awareness of how others perceive the technology as well as the subject.

When it’s time to engage a new platform audience, it’s no longer about how to get your audience in front of you, but how to connect virtually, digitally and through electronic communication. The boundaries of “good judgement’ and “best practices” have become less managed, less set by societal boundaries of behavior and that has dramatically affected how we must operate to achieve audience share. Key words, engaging mediums, and placement of communications becomes as essential as the actual messages delivered.

Join us as we discuss all this and more with Sweetie Berry in this week’s Master Your Story podcast.

Sweetie Berry is a hybrid strategist. She is an educator strategist who works with well able authors, speakers, and product producers. A Southerner, she can not only bring home the bacon but she can fry it up in a pan. A high creative and analytic her passion is to cultivate projects that empower people.

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