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Master Your Story

Andrew Galdi Illustrates How Art Can Cross All Communication Barriers

Communication is always a challenge when two people do not speak the same language. Art can cross communication barriers and bring people together. In this week’s Master Your Story episode I had the privilege to speak with Andrew Galdi. Andrew is a Pennsylvania-based artist with a talent for calligraphy and wildlife painting. As a child, his favorite subjects were science fiction and fantasy. He was also fascinated by movies and animation from China and Japan, and loved to spend hours trying to recreate on paper what he saw in the films.

His talent for drawing led him to study illustration and painting at Penn State University and the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. His interest in Asian arts grew over the years to include calligraphy, ink painting, bonsai and martial arts. He is showcasing his work at Arete Gallery in New Hope, Pa. Tune in to this week’s episode and hear how Andrew overcame language barriers to develop his highly sought after artwork.


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