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In episode 318 of the Master Your Story podcast, I speak with Trinity, Founder and CEO of era92 on how his life path is providing opportunities for so many people in Uganda and around the world. Trinity has the life experience of growing up in the slums of Uganda and escaping extreme poverty and violence through his love of technology. Now he is giving back by helping those in need.

Trinity, Social Enterprise Builder and CEO of era92

Trinity, social enterprise builder and CEO era92

Trinity has a passion for up-skilling the next generation of digital talent in preparation for jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities in Uganda. He is the founder of era92, a youth creative agency, training and employing Uganda’s young adults in design, art, and technology.

era92 is not in business for the sake of business. They also care deeply about their communities and the people that live there. Trinity believes “Business is a part of life, but life takes place with friends and family within our communities. Our team is passionate about impacting lives.”

The team at era92 are social entrepreneurs who use business to revive communities. Business can employ people who want to work and prosper, it can teach skills to others to help them get started, and it can also invest back into the community. The entire era92 team desires to do “Build Brands and Build Lives”.

Please join me in listening to Trinity’s incredibly true story from the slums of Uganda to innovative technology and social enterprise CEO.

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