Breathing Keeps You Focused

Instructional Breathing Exercise with Kim I Plyler

It is more than just getting oxygen, breathing is a key to your brain function and behavior. I know it sounds simple, I mean we all take breaths right? Yes, however taking time to truly focus on your breathing is linked to better health, weight loss and saving your body from the effects of stress. Join me today as we step through a breathing exercise which will help you focus, add energy to your body, and keep you on a positive path. Also log on to to learn more about Master Your Story and breathing.

Master Your Story Meets Michael Scuotto

Young Musical Playwright Breaks onto the Theatre Scene

Michael Scuotto is a Brooklyn born musical theatre writer. He graduated from the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts as a Literary Arts major. As his senior project for Literary Arts, Michael wrote and produced the original musical On Beat, which had it’s world premiere production at the Lehigh Valley Charter High School For The Arts. Michael’s one-act play Sessions was given a reading as part of the Manhattan Theatre Club’s “Write Now!” workshop. In April, his original short film Living In The Past, which he wrote, directed, and starred in, was screened at the Greater Lehigh Valley Film Festival. As an actor, Michael has appeared in productions at Charter Arts, Civic Theatre of Allentown, and other Lehigh Valley and New York based theatre groups. In the fall, Michael will be attending Sarah Lawrence College to study theatre, music, and writing. You can find him on Instagram & Twitter @mscuottowriter.

George Hrab Discusses Importance of Music Education

Educational Entertainer Opens Minds

The importance of music in education is critical to proper development. George Hrab joins us on Master Your Story to discuss why its important and to entertain us with one of his famous songs “Deconstruction Song”

George, an American citizen of Ukrainian descent that resides in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and makes a living playing drums in a nine-piece horn band called The Philadelphia Funk Authority. He produces a weekly internet audio program called The Geologic Podcast. The program has no geology content whatsoever but is so named as a portmanteau of “George” and “logic.” This tends to confuse people. Quite rightly so. George regularly acts as emcee/host for science conventions like The Amazing Meeting, The Australian Skeptics Convention, or QED. When he is not performing with The Philadelphia Funk Authority or working on The Geologic Podcast or emceeing science conferences, he likes to write and record albums of original music. He has six so far, plus one live album and DVD. We are thrilled to be speaking with George today.