The Importance of Knowing Your Audience

A Conversation with Screenplay Writer Matthew Alan Siess

A segment from Chapter 5 of Master Your Story

When you’re talking to a five-year-old about going to the dentist, the conversation would be about defining what each part of the dentist office is, who the assistant is, who the dentist is, what the machinery looks like. You would be describing the tools that they would use, and many of the things that they would need to know to be comfortable when they arrive at the dental office. You would not be speaking of the gas, or the shots, nor the painful things that a dentist office would be to a five-year-old going for the first time. Preparation is an important part of going to the dentist.

Audience preparation would be the same. They do not need to understand, as a brand new salesperson or a brand new person, how long a labor’s going to be, how long it’s going to be before they make a million dollars. That’s not going to solve their problem, nor is it going to encourage or empower them to take one single next step.

However, if you can paint the picture that allows them where they are to have an answer, to have encouragement, to have empowerment, to have a process, to have a how-to, then you’ve truly given the maturity of the audience hope, that they can enact change in their lives and others. If you skip three to five steps and start talking past things they’ve ever experienced, or can reach to envision, you have just taken them to a place of perhaps pain, or shame, or less than, or inability to be enough. You can see these powerful emotions would have effect on how the audience receives what you had to say.

This is something most speakers and storytellers, in the beginning, do not consider, or they are worried about how they look, how the story sounds, if they’re dressed well, and if the audience will even show up. The professional story is exactly that. It’s a prepared story with intent, with an outcome to deliver with absolute professionalism.

Cyber Attacks Enhance Need for Capturing Your Narrative

An in-depth interview with SVP and General Manager of BlackRidge Technology Security Systems

The rapidly growing cyber threat to our critical industrial, consumer and community infrastructure needs a new approach to cyber defense.  Join us as Micheal Murray explains cyber physical security and how people need to be aware of the current technologies and how they impact all areas of life including manufacturing, power grids, financial institutions and possibly even your car.  

Michael Murray leads the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) ecosystem business. Mr. Murray served as General Manager Industrial Sensing Division at Analog Devices and most recently, led the strategy and development of TDK’s Industrial Motion business. He has a successful pedigree in leading multinational hardware and software engineering teams and product marketing and sales organizations. He also has experience in multi-billion-dollar global mergers and acquisitions, and he cofounded Araflex, and integrated electronics company based in Canada.


Master Your Story Gains Podcast Milestone

Host Kim Plyler Reflects on How this Year has Made a difference

From the time we are born to this present moment, milestones are a part of our DNA. Beginning with our very first birthday to a long awaited 50th wedding anniversary and all the significant dates in between, historical markers not only provide us with a sense of accomplishment but also showcase great accomplishments. It is with joyful celebration that we announce Master Your Story has made it to it first anniversary.  The team has accomplished 52 episodes and we are still going strong.

The podcast was designed to be part of the full Master Your Story experience.  Over the coming weeks we will be rolling out new portions to the program such as webinars, lectures, workbooks and yes the long awaited book.  Today we take the time to pause, revisit the meaning of Master Your Story and to thank all the great guests we had this year!

We would also like to thank the companies and people who have made this program a national success.  A huge thank you to Matthew Siess who has diligently handled the operations of guest management, bookings, details and more details.  We are so grateful to you Matthew.  A special thanks to Steve Mittman owner of Steve Mittman Social Media who is the shows producer and adds in the exciting music and fanfare to highlight our show.  Without Steve no one would hear us.  Steve a heartfelt thank you for all your work and great technical capabilities.  We’d also like to celebrate Sweetie Berry, not only for being our first guest, but for being there to lend support and share information to enhance our efforts.  Thank you Sweetie.  We would also like to thank the team at Sahl Communications, Inc.  They have been the financial support helping make all of this come together. Thanks SahlComm.  We also want to thank our close group of supporters The Master Your Story Tribe.  They have been with us since the beginning and still support all of efforts.  Most important we want to thank you, the listeners and readers, without you there would be no story.  We appreciate you and thank you for tuning in each week.  And now without any further ado…enjoy the show and “Enjoy your cake”