Life Transitions

A Conversation With Amy Miller Cohen, Ph.D

Amy Miller Cohen, Ph.D. received her doctorate in Psychology in 1975 from Teachers College,  Columbia University and did post-doctoral work at the Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy. She has previously taught at Brooklyn College for  several years and was a psychologist for Head Start in Newark, New Jersey while she lived in New York City. In 1979 Amy moved to Bethlehem, PA. She was widowed in December 2016 after a 42 year marriage. Amy has two adult children, two grandchildren and two golden doodles.

Amy works with people of all ages and stages of life who come to her with a variety of concerns and challenges through her creative processes including SoulCollage, photography, and writing.

The Strings and Instruments That Weave Stories Around the World

A Conversation With Chris Martin, C.F. Martin & Co.

Christian Frederick Martin IV was born on July 8, 1955. He then attended UCLA, majoring in Economics. In his free time, he helped in the guitar repair shop of Westwood Music in West Los Angeles, and this also gave him a valuable insight into the retail end of the music business.

When Chris was small, he helped box strings, 6 to a box. In 1972 and 1973 he became more active in the business, helping in the office and attending the NAMM Trade Show in Chicago. He also worked in the machine room cutting out guitar neck blanks on the bandsaw.

During the summer of 1973, Chris spent his time learning every operation and assisting with the construction of a D-28S guitar. This and his apprenticeship in the shop was an invaluable experience when he took his place in the family business.

Chris joined the Martin Guitar Company full time after his graduation from Boston University in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the School of Management. Chris worked in many departments, learning how the business functioned from the bottom up. In 1985 he was appointed Vice President of Marketing, and he took an active roll in the day-to-day challenge of running a traditional business in a modern world. After the death of his grandfather, C. F. Martin III, on June 15, 1986, C. F. Martin IV was appointed Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, indicating his responsibility for leading Martin into the next century.

Since 1833 musicians have connected with audiences everywhere the world over, showcasing their talent and virtuosity over all genres. Martin’s significance and cultural impact over 186 years is simply immeasurable.” – Chris Martin

Martin guitars and Martin strings are the instruments and strings of choice for musicians around the world, from the icons of rock, pop, country, folk and bluegrass to those just beginning their careers.  They can be seen across all segments of pop culture, from television to movies, Broadway, books, online, and gracing the covers of popular magazines on newsstands everywhere. One of the world’s leading acoustic instrument makers for nearly two centuries, Martin guitars are hand-made by skilled craftsmen and women, who use a combination of new design and techniques, along with those introduced by the company founder.

How Music Brings Stories to Life

Interview With Mark Roselli

Singer/Song-writers Mark Roselli and Philip Costanzo began writing and performing original music together many years ago under the name, Stalemate Society Inc. Mark and Philip come from different musical backgrounds, while sharing an admiration for common genres. They are releasing a debut collection called Two Rivers, One Town. Most of the songs on Two Rivers, One Town, are made up of fictional stories as well as their own experiences. The collection features 16 original songs with two versions of each song. 

Songs come together in many different ways for them but usually it starts with a song-writing session at either house. They will present one to three songs per session with the process beginning with Phil playing one of many guitars, in different tuning, and will perform the whole song instrumentally or humming or singing out sporadic words. 

Mark records them with a hand-held recorder, and his journal in the other. Sometimes the lyrics come out quickly and frantically and sometimes they take longer than usual. Then, Mark develops the final lyrics and melody to present to Philip and the next session.

Mark and Philip are planning special performances to celebrate the release of this collection, maybe even a trip to Nashville to present at a songwriters showcase. For more information on the two, look them up on Facebook and SoundCloud under Stalemate Society, and under Mark Roselli on YouTube.