Speaker, Super Bowl Champ and Author Setema Gali Jr. Shares His Story and Insights

"Unless you are willing to alter your behaviors and mindsets, the new year will be like last year" - Setema Gali Jr.

This week we are thrilled to share with you, our Master Your Story interview featuring Setema Gali Jr. and announce the release of his new book “Winning After the Game.”  From Super Bowl, to mortgages and real estate, Setema has intentionally built his personal and professional life to be one of impact and contribution. His life’s work? To create maximum value for others. His story is powerful and motivational.  Below is a blog post supplied by Setema.  Make sure you check out the podcast at the end of this blog to hear Setema tell his story.

Setema Gali Jr. 

The 7 Biggest Reasons You Won’t Achieve Your Goals in the NEW YEAR!

# 1. You still believe in “Magical Thinking”…where you believe that because the calendar changed days or years, you’ll magically change the thoughts, habits and results that you’ve had with you for all your life. Magical thinking is for the wishers. Get real. Leaders do what’s required.

#2. You’re NOT clear about what you want or when you will have it.

“Making more money” is NOT clarity. “Losing some weight” is NOT clarity. “Having a better marriage” is NOT clarity. “Creating a better year” is NOT clarity. A specific outcome with a deadline and a deep why behind it works.

Clarity is Power and once you know where you’re going and are committed to going there, all the necessary required actions become the adventurous journey rather than the boring burden.

#3. You’re unwilling to pay the price to grow.

In sports, the price is to grind in practice, the weight room, on the track, in the pool or on whatever field of play you compete in. Think about Kobe Bryant’s insane work ethic of always putting the most time in. Think about TB12 (Tom Brady) and his ridiculous eating of healthy foods, sleep tactics and endless hours in the film room. These professionals paid the price respectively.

In life and business, the price is growth of skill-sets and mind-sets and if you’re NOT willing to pay for it, financially, in discomfort, in time and in effort you’ll never get to that higher level of wealth and happiness.

#4. You still believe that “hoping” and “wanting” will bring you results.

Sadly, they won’t. What will? Being clear about what you want and being committed to that desire. There is a huge difference between “hoping” and “wanting” and picking up the shovel and moving the mountain. The difference is like two different worlds. To say that it’s massive is an understatement.

#5. You won’t develop the mindset and skill-sets to get what you want.

In order to go up, you’ve got to give up the old mindset and way of thinking. This requires a level up and massive overhaul in your thinking. The mindset is everything. Winners, Champions and Owners have a way of “thinking” which is their “seeing.” This is mindset. Skill-set? You get paid for your skill-set.


You want a level up in pay or income? Level up the skill-set. There is a deep difference between the skill to flip a burger vs. perform heart surgery. One skill requires almost no training and financial price and the other requires extensive training, study which requires real financial commitment.

What fuels the ability to develop strong skill-sets?  Your mindset. Your mindset and skill-set to be able to run a marathon or lift heavy weight is very different from the mindset and skill-set required to watch Netflix and sleep on the couch. Likewise, the mindset and skill-set to produce $30k a year is very different from the mindset to produce $30k/month and a very different mindset is required to produce $30k/day.

#6. You still live off past results which you believe are relevant.

Those who don’t stay relevant and who don’t innovate, become extinct. Your past successes are great for late night campfire stories and for going down memory lane. It can also serve as a reminder that you know how to succeed. Other than that, living off of past successes will only hurt you if you don’t keep up, stay up and stay ahead. What you did last year or last week… great. It’s in the past.

Focus on the present and doing whatever is required to obtain your desired results.

#7. You’re unwilling to become a Real Leader

Leaders lead. They lead themselves. They lead others. They lead movements, organizations and nations. They lead businesses, teams and families. Real leaders aren’t worries about looking good or being liked. Real leaders do whatever is required to win. Real leaders are committed to being ridiculously and over-the-top effective in winning and getting results…period. Real leaders do not tolerate the unworkable stories.Unworkable stories are any thoughts and stories that get in the way of us getting our desired outcomes. Real leaders don’t run away from conflict. They run into it and confront whatever is getting in the way. If you are still addicted to looking good and being liked, or to running around in non-productive busy behaviors, or if you’re still addicted to tolerating unworkable behaviors you stand no chance to have the Greatest Year Ever.

Be a real leader. Lead yourself and then lead others. Stop worrying about looking good and focus on overwhelming the fear with necessary required actions to get results. How will we know you’re a real leader? Because you’ll win and produce results. Which one of these resonates with you?

Making your Passion Your Mission

Magic Happens When Your Life Aligns and You Love What You're Doing

Want to drive excellence? Want to see your mission reach every goal and more? at Master Your Story we know your main ingredient is passion. As our friend Frank Niles says in his excerpt in the Huffington Post, “Simply put, passion is the engine that drives excellence. It is what motivates us to continue pursuing our dreams when times get tough, when we get tired, or when others tell us we can’t possibly succeed. And when passion and performance meet, we experience our greatest satisfaction and impact in life.”

In Master Your Story we help you find that passion. We introduce you to people who are living their passion. In this week’s episode we speak with Andy Montero, Guru of the Tiki World, as he is so affectionately known. Andy is the Creator at A. Panda’s Tiki Lounge and Sr. Business Development Manager at Constellation Energy Group.

Andy has taken his passion and created a life of excitement, beautiful friends, and of course a loving family. What’s Andy’s passion? Tiki and everything related to that culture. In this Internet world anything is possible. When you step inside any of this nation’s great Tiki bars, you’re not merely walking on bamboo — you’re entering a world of escapism, where you can almost feel the ocean breeze through your (probably mostly unbuttoned) Hawaiian shirt. But sometimes, those arrays of Tiki masks can be a bit dizzying, so we asked Andy to help us grasp his passion and take a step back and examine the Tiki trend. How did it come to be? What are those little umbrellas for? There are so many questions.

Andy connects with like-minded people from all over the world and they share a culture. Want to know a cool place to have a Polynesian experience?, connect with Andy. From Ft. Lauderdale FL to Hawaii the Tiki revival is alive. Even in Illinois you can find “Three Dots and a Dash” Chicago’s premier tropical tiki bar and craft cocktail destination hidden below the bustling streets of River North. The secret hideaway – named one of The World’s 50 Best Bars by Drinks International – is led by cocktail expert Kevin Beary. Surrender all your cares and let Three Dots and a Dash whisk you away onto a tiki tropical excursion.

So what’s it all about… passion. Passion for a culture that needed an infusion of americana to revitalize it. Andy shares how his passion has brought people together. In this podcast you can learn about Jeff Beach Bumb Barry, authority on Tiki beverages and all the artists, musicians, mixologists, wooden carvers and all the creative individuals that make up Andy’s Tiki Ohana (family).

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Family History Infuses an Irish Flare into Neville Gardner’s Story

“Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me. “Be Still” they say. Watch and Listen you are the result of the love of thousands” -unkonwn

Neville Gardner grew up in Northern Ireland, in the village of Lambeg in County Antrim (10 miles from Belfast) where the influence of both Irish and Scottish cultures, cuisine and humour were fairly equal, it’s appropriate that his pub and restaurant would reflect this upbringing and background. Based on his family’s history and their untold story, he opened Granny McCarthy’s Tea Room and bakery back in 1997 to share the hospitality, foods and culture that he grew up with. 


For almost 15 years, the Cafe grew from a Bakery & Tea Room into a restaurant — minus the alcohol — following trends of great cafes like Betty’s Tea Room in Harrowgate in Northern England and the Avoca Cafe in Ireland.

Any guest or visitor to my house in Lambeg, County Antrim, had to be served a pot of tea and some kind of home baked treat. My Granny McCarthy, who did a lot of my rearing, made sure I knew the proper way to make the tea, said Neville.


He was accustomed to providing hospitality (even at an early age) to anybody who came to his house. The origins of hospitality and recipes used at Granny McCarthy’s came from my upbringing, baking, and the personalities of my Mother and Grandmother — all the lessons and priorities I learned from my family.

In 2013, McCarthy’s morphed into McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub and Whiskey Bar — adding the Red Stag emblem from the McCarthy Coat of Arms to the name. The name change indicated our intention to keep our customers’ favourites, but we also had a vision to significantly expand our offerings.  We created our menu to become that of a true British Isles style Gastro Pub and Restaurant  — retaining the best qualities of the original Granny McCarthy’s Restaurant while adding more great family favourites and dishes inspired by Irish and Scottish cuisines.  The evolution is a unique blend of pub and restaurant with the desserts, breads and teas of a traditional Irish Tea Room in the space of a great destination — complemented by an amazing collection of whiskey, beer, and cocktails. Slainte!


In this podcast, Neville discusses how his family history and untold story paved the way for his now successful store on Main St in Bethlehem PA, Donegal Square as well as the wildly famous Red Stag Pub.