The Importance of Communication When Governing People

Ep:005 The Story of a County


“Honest communication is built on truth and integrity and upon respect of the one for the other” – Benjamin E. Mays

As a leader who is elected to govern a body of people, knowing how to communicate your community’s story is paramount for successful, clear and transparent leadership.

Communication can play a decisive role in promoting human development in today’s new climate of social change. As the world moves towards greater democracy, decentralization and the market economy, conditions are becoming more favorable for people to start steering their course of change. Elected leaders need to be masters of their story and have strong communication skills, in order to lead through these times.

Today our podcast guest is Northampton County Executive, John Brown.   John successfully runs a county of more than 275,000 people and leads more than 2,000 employees.  John shares his story on how clear communication plays a significant role in his leadership.

As a leader, unveiling the heart of change is not always easy.  Think about the last ten months and how much we here in the United States have dealt with change and transformation. The forces driving the conversation are many and varied.  From technology to leadership, one thing is real, change happens.  When it does, we need  honest leaders to guide us through transitions.

In this episode, John tells us about the key elements to making effective change and keeping people informed.

Storytelling Matters

Telling Your Story or Telling the Story of a Client, Delivery is Critical

Story telling is often missed when companies focus on their public relations plans.  But the critical component is the cornerstone to any successful company or public relations campaign.  In a world that is obsessed with traditional press releases and predictable promotions the ancient art form of storytelling adds the personal touch people are looking for.

We all enjoy a good story, whether it’s a novel, a movie or simply something one of our friends is explaining to us that they’ve experienced. But why do we feel so much more engaged when we hear a narrative about events?