Master Your Story Celebrates 100 Episodes

Host Kim Plyler Discusses Connectivity

We are thrilled to be sharing our 100th episode! Thank you all for being part of our audience. In today’s episode we discuss connectivity. We connect through our stories. In honor of our 100th episode we want to share some insight into the Master Your Story process.

You spend your life focusing on what really matters… in your life, in your business, in your community and even the world at large. If you thought you could tell the world what you believe matters, and by so doing change the world, would you do it?

What if it was as simple as telling a story? Not just any story mind you, but your story.

Your story is truly unique, even if it shares chapters with others, and your unique self-story can speak to others, guide them in their thinking, their interactions with the world… their lives.

We are not all born story-tellers, and even published authors can have trouble identifying who they are and the role their true self has had on the trajectory of their own story.

Master Your Story is a program that helps guide your self-awareness to get to the heart of your story and to help you share your story with those who need to hear it. Our process is easy, effective and fulfilling.

Join Master Your Story and let us help you improve humanity… one story at a time. Master Your Story… it matters. Check out MasterYourStory

The Importance of Voting in Judicial Elections

Featuring Political Strategist Celeste Dee

Celeste Dee brings 10 years of political experience and a state-wide political network to Advantage Pep Political Strategies – a 100% woman owned business that offers public relations, marketing, governmental, political consulting and campaign management services to clients throughout Pennsylvania. Celeste has served as Field Director, Regional Director, Political Director and Campaign Manager for campaigns at nearly every level, from municipal races in the Lehigh Valley to high profile congressional and state-wide campaigns. Among her many roles, Celeste also served as the Finance Director for the Pennsylvania State Democratic Party and Treasurer of the Lehigh County Democratic Party. Learn more about Celeste’s work at


Dr. Angela M Grayson

Dr. Angela M Grayson is the Proprietor and CEO of Good Fruit Expressive Arts Counseling & Psychotherapy LLC. With over 25 years in the mental health field, her expertise infuses a unique blend of psychology and the arts for executive stress management and promotion of healthy relationships among women. She is a Transformational Healer, Speaker, Author, and Educator, as well as creator of The Girlfriend Retreat Experience