Women Who Make a Difference

A Conversation with Dori DeCarlo

As a mom after Columbine I want to find a way to keep our schools safe and began designing a line of clear bags and backpacks. As business owners we know timing in the market places everything so I was actually about 10 years too soon.  In 2015 Safety Bags relaunched and in looking at the market place both professional and college sports require anything larger than the palm of your hand be clear which that was what led to the launch of stadiumbags.com in 2016.

 We won The Family Choice Award for products 2016, 17, 18 and 19 with a perfect score of 110 out of 110 from all 12 judges. Our stadium bags have been seen in publications from USA Today and the World Series program, to the Super Bowl program, and we’ll be in Yankee magazine and the Yankees year book, too.

 Our mission has always been keeping our school safe, but I knew as far as marketing goes I had to look at what the market would bear. I also knew that if we shined the spotlight on our stadium bags bright enough that it would finally eliminate safety bags and our niche and to keep our schools safe. This year that is my goal, all the shows that I am doing our school safety related.  

In 2017 we won the Fiverr and NY Yankees Game Changer Contest  and our new logo launched at Yankee stadium. We’ve been named to the Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide for their 2018-2019 edition. 

At this point I feel that our stadium bags are on the map and doing their thing and now it’s time to shift that spotlight to what’s really important, our schools and the safety of our children. The other side of my mission is empowering women which has led to not only Word of Mom Radio but the development of the Word of Mom Media Network which will include our TV show that launches in March. The reality is together we can make a difference! If you win, I win, we all win. So never give up…the journey takes as long as it takes trust it! 

– Dori DeCarlo Founder and CEO , Safety Bags, Inc

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Stories Do Matter

A Conversation With Business Strategist Sweetie Berry

Life is a plot change isn’t it?  We are ever growing, changing, and being changed as time marches on.  Perspective is important as is emotional maturity. Our story is ever changing and in the best situations, we are ever growing.  Our stories internally are the foundation of who we believe ourselves to be. When we use tools like journals, jot notes, and captures on audio, we have the ability to re examine what we thought, what our perspectives were, and to align to the present with current perspectives.  The stress and/or excitement or emotion of an experience may color our experience memory, and in reviewing it later, we may realize new perspectives and/or more accurately recognize what was happening when the stressors were not present.

Sweetie Berry Corporate Environmental Headshots

Your story matters. My story matters. We learn from who we’ve been, who we are, and what we experience with others.  Learn to listen to what you are saying, and sometimes to what you’re not saying. What labels, perspectives and descriptors are you using? What excuses do you make? What conversations continue to repeat in your life?  These are all valuable insights to engage as you master your story.

Sweetie Berry is a hybrid strategist. She is an educator strategist who works with well able authors, speakers, and product producers. A Southerner, she can not only bring home the bacon but she can fry it up in a pan. A high creative and analytic her passion is to cultivate projects that empower people.


Don Miles

A Conversation With The Sierra Club's Don Miles

The National Sierra Club was founded in San Francisco in 1892 by legendary naturalist John Muir, who helped create Yosemite National Park and helped save Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Glacier Bay, Kings Canyon, Muir Woods, and many other natural wonders as national parks.

The Sierra Club is the nation’s oldest and largest volunteer-based environmental organization, with over 2 million members and supporters in 64 Chapters around the country. It has four primary environmental advocacy campaigns — Beyond Coal, Beyond Natural Gas, Beyond Oil, and Our Wild America — and sponsors more than 20,000 outings to our natural world in the U.S. and internationally.

The Pennsylvania Chapter of the Sierra Club was founded in 1972 and comprises 26,000 members in 10 regional groups. It is governed by an Executive Committee of leaders from each group.

Don Miles is the current chair of the Sierra Club Lehigh Valley Group.