Knowing How to Get the Story Started

Ep 004 Five Ways of Knowing with special guest SummerHawk Wolf

“Be the Change You Want to See In This World” – Ghandi
That’s truly the quote that I woke up with on that rainy bleak November 2016 morning.  My next thought was “But what could I do to change the world?” as my mind raced. I wondered what I could do to help  quell the storm of issues humanity was about to face.  I could see issues and changes facing us and I knew the profound impact they would have on humanity.  (all over the world not just in the United States)  What could I do?
So I took inventory, almost as if I was about to be stranded on desert island.  I reached out to friends on my inner circle, “what can I do?”.  One response came from our podcast episode 4 guest, SummerHawk Wolf, she said “Go with your strengths.”   And then I spoke with another friend who said “find that story within in you”   The third friend said “map out your process and accomplish your task where you are, no need to move to Canada, we need you here.”  The fourth said “Don’t wallow, take action and get it done.”  So the journey to the Master Your Story project was born.
In our episode four podcast we feature an interview with SummerHawk Wolf.  Summer has insights into the human spirit and helps people see their inner strength.  In this podcast she shares with you the “Five Ways of Knowing”.  The hardest part about mastering your story is knowing how to find it.  Summer discusses being true to yourself, being mindful, trust in your vision, always do what scares you, and trust that the universe will support you.
We come across people everyday in what we do, where we go and who we meet, who will always try to tear you down.  Building and knowing your strength will get you through difficult times and help you focus on your intended path.  Wether you believe in God, Buddha, Allah, or trees one universal thought is true it its your faith and hope that guides you.  That internal dialog that keeps you focused and true.  Believe in yourself and your ability to accomplish what is needed, your story will come.

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